Hello 2016 or Should I Say 2559

This past week flew. I expected it to, but it REALLY flew one day it’s 2015, the next it’s 2559. Crazy.

Monday’s highlight: During my evening jog, I saw my host teacher and waved. She rolled down the window and said, “Get in we’re going to eat.” (I might as well have been called Cady …Mean Girls reference anyone?) I replied, “Like this? I smell, no it’s okay.” Nope. I was sweaty but on my way to dinner. I love these moments I only find myself having in Thailand.20151228_184827

Next day I found no students in my classes and everyone was very SABAI. P’Buddy (my P I go get coffee with) asked if I was free. I sure was. We drove 20 minutes out, almost to where the next Fulbrighter was and I was getting a little nervous. We never leave more than 5 minutes past the school. We end up at a silverware factory/ store. Oh okay. We were going to look at some cool Thai culture and jewelry. Well I walked out of the store with some beautiful earrings that was apparently my Christmas gift. I also got to play dress up.

Wednesday came along and I was suppose to help MC the Christmas show on the 30th… Awesome!… Not so much. I did my opening duty and ran off to the office. The students at the assembly didn’t understand me, why was I even there? I felt like a monkey. I was also asked to tutor another student…I cracked. My two groups I have now were by choice, this one felt like too much. What made it worse was I couldn’t say no. One of the administrators was helping the other Thai teacher do charades to get her point across. ***This is the reality of being abroad. Very amazing and fun but also overwhelming.*** All was good after a 30 minute cool down. After I finished my MC-ing joined students for some karaoke and lunch. I also got a panda and M&Ms from the late Xmas santa 🙂

NEW YEARS ROAD TRIP:                                                                                         Start time: 12/31/15 12:30pm              End time: 1/3/16 11:55pm         Sawankhalok, Sukhothai to Khon Kaen (5 hrs 30 min.)                               Khon Kaen to Kalasin Bus Terminal [Pick up Ia] (1 hr 8 min.)                     Kalasin Bus Terminal to Ban Maha Chai, Kalasin (1 hr)                                         Ban Maha Chai, Kalasin to Sirindhorn Museum (55 min.)                             Sirindhorn (Dinosaur) Museum to Buri Ram (3 hrs 26 min.)                               Buri Ram to Prasat Muang Tam (1 hr 5 min.)                                                             Prasat Muang Tam to Mahasarakham University [dropoff Ia] (3 hrs 14 min) Mahasarakham University  to Sawankhalok, Sukhothai (6 hrs 33mins) Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.28.43 PM22 hrs and 33 mins in the car. Which means 1,566km aka 973mi.

Events:                                                                                                                                 -Fireworks and Countdown @ Khon Kaen

-Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon (Temple- 9 story chedi)

-My Thai Fathers high School students reunion party

-Farm in Kalasin

-Dirindhorn (Dinosaur) Museum

-Buri Ram /-Imobile stadium

-Phnom Rung:Khmer architecture site, aged over a thousand years old.Built on an extinct volcano, it was originally a Hindu religious site and later became a Buddhist one.

-Prasat Muang Tam: Shiva was mostly worshiped here

-Khao Kradong Volcano Forest (Many stairs, precisely 297 Naga raj steps)

Oh and to explain 2559, that is the year in Thailand. Thailand’s calendar follows the Thai solar calendar, Suriyakhati and now follows the Buddha Era. Luckily enough for me, they also understand 2016.

Happy New Year!                                                                                                         Elaine ❤