A Little Difference Makes the Time go Faster

They say time flies when you’re having fun but I think it flies when times are different. Certainly this last week was very different from my new norm.

1st: It got COLD! When I say cold I mean cold for a native Southern Californian. All of my students were in jackets and even blankets. 15 degrees C = 59 degrees F. That was in the day, therefore getting even colder in the evening.

2nd: It was raining. HARD. At first I thought “It’ll stop.” Nope. It didn’t. It got harder and harder for longer and rained straight for 2 days about.

3rd: I took a flight to Bangkok mid week to meet up with an old friend. I waited for 8 hours at the Suvarnabhumi airport but it was well worth it because that old friend is Gordon! le boyfren.


Since He’s Been Here:

We stayed at an awesome hostel named “Rest Dot.” Super clean and friendly family owners.

He’s not been so good with being a new ‘farang’ (foreigner) in Thailand but he’s getting better


Good old fashioned breakfast.

We traveled through boat.

Went to the Nonthaburi Pier Market.

The Grand Palace: where I had to rent out a nifty shirt since my shawl was too see through and Gordon had to buy ‘elepants’ since he was in shorts.

Wat Arun: Temple of Dawn, unfortunately under construction, but fortunately we were blessed by a monk who was there and tied yarn around our wrists for good luck. Also we contemplated the fact of updating the temple and whether it was taking away or adding to the temple. We went with adding to the temple because that means it is still an active temple and not something old you just go and take pictures by.

We went to an Indian Restaurant. -Initially for food but the end result was for ambiance since we are able to find better Indian food in San Diego.

Flew to CHIANG RAI! I had personally never been here before and I was done with my duty as a tour guide for 2 days because my Thai father went out of his way to pick us up and take us around. 20160130_071509


Stop one: Flower Garden festival going until Valentines day. Suay Mak!

White Temple or ‘Wat Rung Khun’: a contemporary artist’s take on a Buddhist Temple. It’s beautiful and still growing. It is only built upon donations since the owner and creator, Ajan (Professor) Chalermchai Kositpipat, did not want anyone else’s influences upon his art work. He sounds very dedicated and passionate according to the pamphlet they offer, also it has the most beautiful toilets in the world (my belief).

Singha Park: A green tea park with a beautiful view and other activities we didn’t really look into.

Wat Hyua Pla Kang: A new Chinese temple that is very beautiful and still in the works.

Wat Phra Kaew- Temple of the Emerald Buddha: f19504640

Chiang Rai Night Bazar (Little & Small):

Doi Mae Salong- Tea and temples:

Mae Fah Luang Garden- Where the King’s mom changed and renovated the lives of the Hmong hill tribe people:

Dinner at Kwan Phayo (Phayo Lake):

This was actually written on the 2nd, but downloading & adding photos was a real problem this week. I’d be a liar if I told you these were all the good photos that give these places justice, I’m just done with “this” more like last week in terms of photo uploading. Also I’m trying to figure out how to use this Nikon D5300 properly and see how to make the files smaller so I don’t take a week uploading my photos to my blog. 20160128_082357

Wish me luck with technology,                                                                                       Elaine<3






One thought on “A Little Difference Makes the Time go Faster

  1. Well, you can’t say you had unproductive week. You sure did a lot and got to see new temples. Boy you sure will be able to share your experience at Thailand for the rest of your life. Unbelievable!!!! Nice☺


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