Day 116

** I found this gem in my 6/01 classroom when there was NO class and I was uniformed BUT…it definitely felt good 🙂

My students we’re preparing for their academic day so I got to take a couple of pictures of all their creations. If there is one thing Thai students are amazing at is arts and crafts.

Weekend English Camp at Phu Hin Rongkla National Park, Phitsanulok!1452743336542

Woke up Friday morning and didn’t go to school in order to travel for the camp the next day. 2&1/2 hr bus ride to Phitsanulok and met up with a fellow ETA, Daniel. It was cool because I was able to see his class and see his set up. I really liked it you could tell the students knew what was coming. This is actually the 4th school that I’ve visited that isn’t mine, it’s fun to see the differences throughout all the schools. 20160115_124518

After his classes were done we hopped on a bus for the national park … about 2 hours standing on a bus… yup my feet hurt.20160115_173306

Reunited with Ia, Mimi, Thomas, Dee, & Daniel.20160115_204700

We ate and prepared a Thai song to sing along with a skit for the students the next day. We were EXCITED!

We took a group photo that I failed to ask for, and got “unfortunate news.” We’re all joking around and ready to hear ‘the plan.’ The plan was not what we expected. P’ Mae (Ia’s host teacher in charge of the whole show) tells us she had unfortunate news and that English Camp was CANCELLED. umm what? Turns out the students were driving in the rain and the car slid and they got into an accident. I got a chill down my spine; waiting for a number of deaths, luckily everyone survived just injured.                                                                                                                           Now what?

We packed up and did Sunday’s plan: go see pretty places in Phetchabun. Wat Pha Sorn Keaw. I had been here before in November, TWO months ago already. Since then the museum has changed, but the Buddha has probably only gotten whiter. Going to a place for a second time made me think about localizing. What is it to be a local? I believe it takes 4 years to call oneself a local of any place. Then again seeing something for a second time in a foreign place, made me feel a bit of a Thailand local. I know that’s not the case, but it was a slightly cool feeling.

After Daniel and I were dropped off and took a bus back home.

As if that wasn’t enough travel for me, later that night I was invited for dinner… all the way in Uttaradit! 1 hr and a half away. Ahiii. But I couldn’t say no, I didn’t want to say no. It was cool because after we went to this festival/ market that the government throws in each province to help those locals. Pretty much whatever the festival makes the locals get to keep because it’s a lot of donations. I really like how Thailand supports one another, and that is greatly seen everywhere.

I have been here for 116 days. Maybe 114 because of my flight delay in the beginning. Better yet, 116 days I flew out of San Diego, California. Trust me I’m not counting I just conveniently found that my countdown app had saved my countdown to fly out and has now been counting up the days since I left. I will admit the honeymoon stage is over. I’m trying to find things to keep me going, it’s easy and hard altogether. If some responsibilities/ workouts are hard to keep up with in America, it’s much harder over here. Regardless I’m dealing and happy. What’s really helpful is knowing that nothing would make me as happy and keep me on my toes as being here in Thailand. (:

Best from the teacher’s desk,                                                                                     Elaine ❤

One thought on “Day 116

  1. I’m happy that your trip was not a complete disappointment. With the exception of the students and the accident they had. Thst was a close call. Thank God everybody got out of it with a few scratches. That’s goid you were ablevto meet with the other fulbrighters. Love you.


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