Breaking the Habbit

A rather late post but some unpreventable factors happened:                                                                                                                  -MAJOR ‘I’m going to die’ back pain                                                        -Domino effect after factor 1

Teaching from the 4th to the 14th: What is ‘To teach?’ I wouldn’t know, 85% of my classes have been canceled for midterms or preparation for Teachers Sports Day or Academic Day. How am I coping? -Thou shalt not give up or lose motivation due to unstoppable factors

What I really want to talk about: Social Media                                                                   Coming from a person who is abroad, away from friends, family and day to day updates; it’s great. The exception is that I’m not only THAT person. I’m a person who wants to engage in the Thai culture, ask people from Thailand deep questions, or play charades to get their answers. I want to even forget factors from home so when I go back I can think, “WOW I almost forgot about this?! How did I live without it?!”

Those are wants, what has actually happened since coming to Thailand is me limiting my social media to Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Line (like Whatsapp). I pretty much swapped snapchat for Line and only use Skype with one person. I also vowed to only post pictures on my blog and Instagram (which could be shared to FB). October, I was doing great. Always having Fulbrighters I needed to get to know amongst me really helped.

Moving into the real deal in Sawankhalok, Thailand: I was still pretty disconnected. I had to get adjusted, meet new people, and go out and explore. That was November through early December.

Late December: I downloaded Snapchat. I started my two finger scroll on my Mac Book mouse pad. Scrolling through people with families on Christmas. Pressing a button to watch friends take shots in celebration with other friends for 10 seconds, images of Mexican food…

Two weeks later: I’m searching for my friend to send them a message. Not on Facebook. Not on Instagram. I messaged them on Snapchat. “Where are you!?!” They reply, “I don’t want to worry you but I was feeling depressed, the doctor told me to delete all of my social media.” A whirlwind hit my brain. I realized I myself was feeling low; not a homesick low, just a general low from seeing other people do things I use to enjoy. Not jealous nor negative- a general low. I even recognized the feeling because it happened back home too.

Why I can’t let go even if I WANT TO                                                                                 Snapchat: it’s the only way to communicate with that one friend and two little brothers Instagram: I just uninstalled it. -Little victories                                                                         Facebook: I know I could get rid of Facebook and just keep Messenger for communication’s sake BUT… ~It’s my news source since I follow: CNN, NBC, Today, BBC ect.// ~Girls Love Travel: A new Facebook group I’ve followed that actually gives good advice on places to go and things to see/ do all over the world and has already helped// ~The people I’ve met in Thailand. I’ve added them, ALL OF THEM and they add pictures of me. I want those pictures for memories. It’s the only way to save them. Therefore I’ll keep it, but limit my time doing the two finger scroll.

One Last Note on Social Media in Thailand                                                                      It is everywhere. Students are ADDICTED. Probably high schoolers everywhere, but for some reason, it’s more intense here. There are apps to make their skin more white, and cheeks rosy in pictures. But, that’s unfair to the students because the adults are as addicted or worse. They take a picture for everything. I’ve even been told, “take a photo and send it to me so I can check in,” as the person was driving. I found it entertaining at first, and still do. The only disheartening moments are when we’re all at a large table with a lot of delicious, amazing looking food, and I look up waiting to meet eyes with someone to give them the, “Let’s dig in,” face but everyone is looking down at their phones. Then when I’m about to dig in they all scream, “Wait!” before I put the spoon into the home-styled dish because they want to post a photo of the food on Facebook. To these moments all I can say is, “Go with it and just make that selfie face ;D”

Can’t wait for this weekend where I will help lead my first English Camp!

Live in the moment,                                                                                                                 Elaine ❤


One thought on “Breaking the Habbit

  1. I understsnd you about their addiction. There is one Thia teacher that takes pictures of every single person he meets that is teaveling or not from Thai. Love you.


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