A Blissful Weekend in Chiang Mai

First of all a weekend is not enough to see and experience everything Chiang Mai has to offer, especially when you’re driving 10 hours in total to get to and fro.

Saturday December 12th:                                                                                           Get picked up at 9am and make our way to Wat Phra That Lampang Luang in Lampang. We also got to take photos with Lampang’s trade mark: horse drawn carriages.

After we got lunch and had amazing Kao Soi. *Note if you ever come to Thailand and try this dish, it’s better in the Northern provinces. Really delicious.

Mini drive by at a ceramics shop:

After we made a quick pit stop at Lampang’s ‘Thai Elephant Conservation Center.’ We didn’t ride any elephants, and I don’t think I would either since I am knowledgable of the fact that it hurts their hips in the long haul. I’d rather just hug their trunks.

After watching the elephant show and feeding the elephants our next stop was finally Chiang Mai.20151212_122220_HDR

First stop was the Umbrella Making Center in San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai. It was really interesting and awesome to see how much hard work and detail go into these types of umbrellas. Also how fast they get it done. These people are talented!

It was time to head for dinner because traffic would make it so that it was time for dinner… Chiang Mai traffic is BAD. I would say it’s worse than Bangkok just because there is no transportation system to avoid it here; yet.

Dinner was served at Galae Restaurant. Ambience 10/10, Music choice 10/10, View 10/10, Price $$$, Taste: 3&1/2 out of 5. Would come again? YES! I absolutely loved this place. It reminded me of my nana a lot! She loved flowers! It was also romantic, which then made me miss someone. All of a sudden I’m home sick missing everything and everyone. Oh well, it was a beautiful place though, that’s for sure.

Next was ice cream at “Ice Love You.” Clever. It’s popular for having vegan ice cream. Sorry for sounding ignorant but I didn’t think Thailand would have vegan anything. I’m not vegan and mostly went for my friend who suggested it from California. Regardless it was tasty and worth trying 9 flavors of ice cream. We shared okay!?

Once we were stuffed we slowly made our way to Wualai Road, a famous and busy Saturday night Market.

Finally we were exhausted from the long day and went to one of Poh’s ex students house to sleep. It was a quiet place out in the country in Mae Taeng. At night it was a little scary, but when we woke up it was beautiful. I felt as if all my possible problems were millions of miles away. He also provided breakfast in the morning. Very hospitable person.

After breakfast the next day we drove 2 and a half hours South-east to Doi Inthanon: the highest peak of Thailand. There was A LOT of picture taking.

Lunch and a long road back was followed. Even if I was so exhausted I enjoyed the trip over all and on the ride back I saw MILLIONS of stars. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many stars with my bare eyes. It was amazing.

As for the Monday – Friday, the 14th-18th. I taught synonyms of feelings. Some students had previous knowledge others didn’t. It was a fun week acting out all of the emotions and having students come up and act with me to help them understand without using any Thai. The most successful part is I can hear them improving and learning the terms. It was a very “Happy Teacher” moment.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m now tutoring two 8 year olds, Namtan and Nena. They really brighten my day when I see them. Their grandmother Su also does because she cooks the yummiest dinners for me in repayment for teaching her grandbabies. (I’ve told her no or too much food several times). No matter what she’s feeding me. Even on days we don’t have tutoring like Fridays she’s inviting me for dinner. I love it.

Finally, this weekend consisted of R & R. Rest and Relaxation. I read, I cleaned my house, and did computer busy work. Even though at points of my day I wanted to be out and about, I benefited from staying home and regrouping after being on the go so often.

Happy Holidays,                                                                                                                 Elaine ❤


One thought on “A Blissful Weekend in Chiang Mai

  1. Amazing pictures. Speechless. This is an unforgetable experience. Yor are seeing so much that you eill be able to share with your future students in the US.


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