Survive 10 Weeks in Thailand: Check!

On Monday, at the end of my last blog I mentioned how last week had been hard. So I gave myself a day to recover, I actually in sick to work. I felt sick, emotionally and just out of it. I couldn’t grasp life (mellow dramatic right?). Really though it sucked. I wanted to be comforted but nothing was doing the trick. I called out and it was the best thing I could have done at the time. I rested and reflected on my time here. I had time to prepare for the week and even go to school, where I was told to go back home because I looked sick (you know it’s bad when you’re physically showing). In short, Monday was my day to realize I can still do this as long as I give myself more me time. I become ‘Yes Man’ because I love doing things and meeting new people, but I do need time for myself which I hadn’t had in a while.

The next day I was fixed. Like a car who had an oil change with a complementary car wash. In the morning I went for a run, went to school and thought to myself ‘I actually missed these students.’ It wasn’t a shock just another realization that I am in fact happy doing what I’m doing even when I don’t know what I’m doing it right 3/4 of the time. For example, this week they learned about thanksgiving. I showed them a brief history, but didn’t expect them to know it at all. I mostly wanted them to learn ‘thankful,’ and to be thankful for ‘non-materialistic’ things. I’d say they got the point across and even gave me good reasons why they were thankful, like: “I am thankful for my ability to learn math because other friends have a hard time but it is easy for me.”(M6/01) -Very good students I think I can push them a bit further by February which is the end of their last semester in high school.

As for my M5’s “Reading for Science” I’m teaching migration. It’s tedious but we get it done. I can see their comprehension growing and I try to make it fun like ignoring the tables and sitting in a nice family circle, where we are all Zebras migrating and protecting each other.20151203_101101

The rest of the teaching week went relatively the same except:

I listen to 1 christmas song/ album everyday.

It rained and it feels cooler! 20151204_08092320151204_080242

I took a walk with the girls I tutor and played “I spy with my little eye.” 20151202_174252

All foreign teachers had to go to our department meeting that was all in Thai and we were all on our phones. Don’t worry it won’t happen again. We spoke up, were heard, and they changed our meeting time so that we only have a meeting in English after their meeting in Thai.

I inherited another group to tutor except they aren’t my students in the day time. They are 8 year olds and are ADORABLE. I gave the lady (Su) who owns the bus stop by my house my number because she wanted me to help her grand-babies with English. Three weeks later I finally get a call, and dinner too!

Finally Friday and I don’t have to teach because it is the pre-celebration for the King’s Birthday on the 5th, making it father’s day as well. It was a 4 hr celebration which ended with us planting trees in the back of our school. *Note this is the 7th tree I’ve planted in Thailand

By the end of the day I was invited to dinner by Su and I was greeted with hugs and SO MUCH FOOD.

Father’s Day Craze: December 5th, Thailand’s Fathers Day, King’s Birthday. Different places in Thailand celebrate in various ways. Sawankhalok, Sukhothai throws a parade and I got to be a part of it!              -Get to school 8am  -Eat breakfast 8:30am -Eat snack 11am                           -Hair did 11:15am -Make up did 11:45am -Lunch 12pm -snack 1pm                 -Get dressed 1:30pm -Take Photos 2pm-3:30pm                                                  -Go to parade line up 4:15pm -Parade starts 4:45ish pm -Walk stand walk stand until 7pm where we are done -noodles 8pm -ice cream 8:15pm          -Mango sticky rice 8:35pm -Home 9pm

Sawatdee ka Lampang! This morning I felt SORE from last night, but I had things to do so packed up and headed out20151206_074211wearing my new t-shirt dress from ZALORA There’s actually going to be a big sale on Dec. 12th so check it out! 12.12 Online Fever

I went to my bus station to go to Lampang (another province) at 8am. It took about 3 hours,20151206_090306

but at last I was reunited with CRYSTAL!

First things first: food

Then we road a song tao back to her place and stuffed her bike in too. 20151206_130533

She took me to the coffee shop she goes to and had an awesome convo with the owner.

Finally we ended our week with my second Thai wedding. *Note: I’ve been to more weddings in Thailand than I have in America.

Also, I have December 7th to the 11th off so expect a lot of cool pics next time too.

Feeling better!                                                                                                           Elaine ❤


One thought on “Survive 10 Weeks in Thailand: Check!

  1. Wow, no wonder you get sick. You don’t stop. Mmmmm I wonder where you get that from? So much to do and see. You continue to flourish more and more. Love you!!!


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