I must forewarn it’s been a tough week so if I don’t seem 100% throughout this blog, I apologize. Also there is a lack of teaching stories because I only taught 2 full days Monday and Tuesday.

This week started with a panorama of my street. I walked outside and for the first time it felt cool. I was so excited I took a picture.20151125_063909_Pano

Later that evening I went to karaoke with a few of my students I tutor. Surprisingly at a Big C, a nice little grocery store with karaoke boxes on the side; really random if you ask me. I introduced them to Eminem and rapped “Love the way You Lie,” where I received wide eyes and gawking faces after my performance. Oh yea, Kru Mo knows how to rap!

*Kru Mo is what they call me Kru = Teacher/ Mo for Monique. My name is impossible so that’s what the students call me. Other community members call me Alizaa; my thai name, which is perfect because it is a Thursday name and I was born on a Thursday (seems legit haha).

Tuesday was just a big downer. Normally I just skip over these kind of days and not mention them, but it seems important because it wasn’t a hard day it’s was a hard week with a lot of amazing moments as well! It’s just finding a balance. The weirdest part is I can’t even tell you what was bothering me.

The Amazing Moments: Wednesday: I woke up at 5am and ran in the coolness of Sawankhalok. It just started the day right and also the only time I can feel some good weather. Went to school for two periods, packed my bags and went to the Loy Krathong festival with the other foreign teachers. It was a bit of a waiting game once we got to the Sukhothai Historical Park. We sat with students who were going to parade for 3hours and ate and tried to stay hydrated. It was a hot one.

At the time of the parade it was time to go inside and enjoy Loy Krathong ourselves.

Then Edie met up with us and we made our way to Tak, a different province where we were able to see a different version of Loy Krathong. Here we were able to light a lantern and send our wishes together. I was SO happy and stoked.

Here is my face to prove it.20151125_205003

At the Tak celebration, during a performance they have to send 1000 Krathongs into the river. It seemed tedious but they got it done.

If you thought we were done, you’re wrong we drove back an 1 hr and 15 to get the end of the Sukhothai celebration.

Did I forget to mention we were going to get picked up at 4am to fly to Bangkok for our ETA Thanksgiving celebration. Oops. 20151126_101504_HDR

Well once we got settled into Bangkok I had a happy Thanksgiving dinner. It was really nice and relieving.

Friday was here and we were taken to Thailand’s Navy Base where we got to plant Mangrove trees and have a mini workshop. I really enjoyed getting muddy haha.

We were finally released into the wild of Bangkok and we all just went in separate groups to get our city life fix. Note I was not doing to hot by this point. Awesomely enough I got to see a beautiful Christmas tree and pout by it too. Maybe I do know what’s been bothering me. Holidays. 

By the end of the night I was in the hospital. No worries, just intense stomach acid. Curiously I was not the only one to get sick. There was like 5 of us who had stomach issues but I was the only one to wimp to the hospital.


The next day a day to return home and Check out our Sukhothai Airport/ Zoo!

That’s pretty much it apart from having Edie over another night and enjoying her company. Throughout all the highs and lows I really am happy and appreciative to be able to celebrate both Thailand’s and America’s traditional holidays.

Hoping to get over this hump and continue with awesome feeling experiences next week!

Elaine ❤




One thought on “Go Go Go SPLAT

  1. Wow, you continue to experiece so much. Maybe you don’t see it but you have been blessed with such experiece that others can only dream off and not get the chance of doing. Don’t see these holidays as a downer because you are not surrounded by your family but see it as gift where you are knowing and making new friends and family. Love you and miss you baby. Mama bear is always thinking about you and you are always in my prayers.


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