Ice Cream & Faith

Last week I said, ‘We’ll see what adventures my classes will give me,’ knowing I’d finally be able to be in the classroom Tuesday- Friday. Well The first adventure is that my M6’s (Seniors) got an extra day of tutoring for their exams so Tuesday I was a sitting duck; again, but not for long.

Before I talk about Tuesday, Monday is quite important. It was Beverly’s Birthday! This girl has been like an older sister to me and isn’t obligated to do so. I really appreciate her company especially since she is the only other foreign woman teacher at our school (Filipino). She’s really nice and extra funny. So my day didn’t have any students, but it did have Suki (melting pot style cooking) and ice cream… Home Made Ice Cream: Coffee Flavor, Chocolate Flavor, Thai Tea Flavor, Taro Flavor…ICE CREAM. Heavenly.

As Tuesday came I was surprised to find another day to be “Sabai.”  How are these kids gonna learn English again?’ flew though my head. Well I guess passing their exam is important too so I just had to find something else I could do. I sat, and sat, and then decided to take a walk around my school. To my surprise, SPORTS! Sports everywhere, volleyball, soccer (football) Big football, some kick over the net game and …DUN DUN DUNNNN BASKETBALL. I watched and felt giddy inside. A language I understood. I’d call what the refs called a second before and was screaming for our team! I was practically back in Viejas Arena at SDSU I was so giddy; Sawananan Wittaya High was my new team.

Later that day I slipped into Paul’s class, which only 3 students made it to class, had ice cream after lunch… (uh-oh) and for dinner I gave in to my first pizza since the U.S. while tutoring. -No worries it was worked off with Insanity

A full day of 4 classes was finally served for my Wednesday (sort of) for one of my classes only 7 students showed up because the sports day turned into sports week so there was that. Also, I left 30 minutes early for my last class because I had to go to the hospital… for a doctors appointment.

Hospital summary: leave Sawankhalok @ 3/ get to Phitsanulok @ 4:15/check in 4:25/  misspelled last name/ wait until 7pm to see the doctor/ Get home @ 9pm…3-9pm to find out: keep taking the same thing -Thanks

Thursday: Had ice cream at lunch, took a pic with the foreign teachers and one of my classes (SELFIE!)… smh and taught Thai students an intro to hula!!!

Finally Friday and sure enough I was excited. Not just because I didn’t have to go to school on the weekend, which honestly isn’t bad at all, but Edie was coming! The day started off with me falling off of my bike! Luckily I’m a ninja so I caught myself before I ate it. Day went fast and Edie came early so she joined me for my last class! She really just observed because I didn’t want to overwhelm the students. Then the girls who I tutor treated us to… ICE CREAM (You see a problem here? I don’t).

We had back to back plans and before you knew it we were at the Sukhothai Historical Park for the Light and Sound of Loy Krathong. It was beautiful and left me speechless. It took me back to laying on my bed and showing my friend lanterns at Loy Krathong and saying “I’m gonna see that one day,” well there I was seeing it That day.

Saturday was rather relaxing. Edie and I first went to P’Yu’s home town…Village: Thung Saliam, we went to 2 temples and had lunch. A very lasting moment happened at the first temple, we went and respected a monk and he prayed over us and blessed us. My P translated for him saying that no accidents will happen and if they were to occur we would change our minds in order to avoid them. He also gave us bracelets, with a bell I’m fighting the urge to take off. It was lasting because it was different, I am not buddhist but he was happy to pray over us and bless us. He was happy to invite us to stay at the temple if we are ever too stressed. It’s almost the same concept as a priest, but this stood out because it was new, I felt warm.

That evening consisted of Pad Thai from Soi 8. THE BEST PAD THAI IN THE WORLD. Yeaup I’ve said it on the blog, it’s official. We also had Ice Cream… from the place I went to Monday. We ended the evening with a nice convo and drinks at my place making my house homier than it has felt in the last 3 weeks.

Sunday’s Highlights: I started another book and it’s dangerous… I may try to finish it by the end of Wednesday. Had Lunch with Paul & Scott & dinner with Beverly, Van & Noe.


Liking how the weeks are becoming less of an adventure and more of a lifestyle.

Take care,                                                                                                                               Elaine ❤





3 thoughts on “Ice Cream & Faith

  1. Wow, young lady you sure are having an adventure of a life time that you will be able to share with your future students when you return to the US God Willing. This is one experience of many that you will not forget. I’m so happy and proud of you. Love you!!!👍☺🐼🐨


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