First Week of November (Already?)

I have lots to share but lots to do so hopefully I can break through this and give you all the stories I’m excited to share.

Halloween: was filled with spooktacular fun!… Just Kidding it actually felt nothing like Halloween. I was still in Si Satchanalai with Edie and we went to a home stay for lunch with our Thai friend Bom. They made their food traditionally there, more importantly it was Aroy Mak (very delicious)!                                               12025428_1082782015073784_850759060_n12235392_1082781988407120_132121698_o Later that day we went to my first ‘football’ (soccer) game! Our team was Sukhothai FC with a lot of orange to help root for the team.         12214003_1082782111740441_1393052096_o

Throughout the week: I started learning the Thai alphabet with P’Yu, was taken out to a few “Welcome to Thailand” lunches/ dinners, and started Insanity.

What stood out my first week of teaching is what the students wanted to know about me, 12218792_1082782478407071_985861117_o12227992_1082782458407073_1214396562_o         teaching Spanish to Thai students in my Spanish Club, 12212497_1082782368407082_1368697228_n                                                                       …and how one of my students came up to me and said “Teacher I need to improve my my listening and speaking skills, can you tutor me?” Of course I said yes enthusiastically, but she then asked “how much?” I was surprised. I even gave her a confused look which made her give me a confused look. I understand teachers may charge students and it’s normal here, but I don’t think students should have to pay in grade school. She wants to improve, so she will… FOR FREE. Even if Fulbright doesn’t allow me to have a side job and have any other form of pay, I still couldn’t charge a student for wanting to learn or any other student if they pile up on me with time. That is what I am here for.                               Also, because I didn’t take her money her mom was at my house the next day ready to take me and her daughter out for dinner. It was one of those lasting impression moments 🙂

Travelers Delight Weekend!                                                                                                On Saturday me and P’Yu decided to go to Phitsanulok so I can go to the mall and get a VGA adapter for my Macbook. I was picked up at 8am and we started towards Central World!                                                                                                  12227510_1082782578407061_1435893112_o It was nice to be in a car and feel an adventure upon me.        Just to be able to sit in the passengers seat of a friends car, I hadn’t done that since I left America. We got to Phitsanulok by 10am and got what I needed in 5 mins. We ate at the mall and then made our way to Wat Nang Phaya. 12228025_1082782735073712_1956889856_o     12213908_1082782821740370_1096262355_o 12214217_1082787671739885_113289424_o            12214003_1082782938407025_370082218_o 12218387_1082788661739786_143297623_o

After we went to the Phitsanulok Museum and the Sukhothai Historical Park!  12218234_1082789238406395_98670050_o    “Private tour”   12218268_1082783081740344_339617185_o      12214301_1082783131740339_1517778231_o         12227389_1082783108407008_1766889203_o     12214305_1082783355073650_1655602428_o        12213887_1082787518406567_1451851657_o 12218871_1082787541739898_708317554_o                 12214360_1082790818406237_1371517557_o      12214284_1082783311740321_1843978301_o         12227261_1082790848406234_1347766335_o   12227483_1082783771740275_1719396071_o        12236700_1082789701739682_1320013848_o          12218176_1082787485073237_918389884_o              12235614_1082790251739627_930228815_o12235222_1082789385073047_1923989674_o           12214382_1082789521739700_268747682_o                    12236506_1082790555072930_1207316574_o               12236887_1082786221740030_462256887_o (1)                      12235763_1082790981739554_967550925_o                                                                            It was really funny, throughout the entire day P’Yu kept apologizing for her driving. I was more entertained than anything. I could also tell it was out of her comfort zone but she was still having fun. After we went to my place and cooked.

How to Sunday Fun Day!                                                                                                     Step 1: See monks get initiated    Step 2: Free breakfast at the temple  Step 3: Go to Flower making factory   Step 4: Phitsanulok and say hi to Central World again (not for me) Step 5: Go to 3 Chinese Temple on the hills of Phitsanulok (I wish I had the names for you)   Step 6: Eat free lunch at the temple    Step 7: Joke about going to Phetchabun   Step 8: Actually go to Phetchabun    Step 9: Stop at Route 12    Step 10: Go to Khao Kho to see the temple   Step11: Dinner                                                                                    12214340_1082791108406208_1851253938_o         12214347_1082791245072861_546180484_o        12214340_1082791175072868_939929334_o                              12218974_1082791401739512_1278498720_o                      12214263_1082792001739452_1691435904_o             12218226_1082792455072740_294477344_o         12235657_1082791908406128_603235894_o 12214035_1082792045072781_1324844506_o

12218318_1082792388406080_1776714810_o  Beverly Mink and Master Paul & I 🙂

12218941_1082792438406075_1725136926_o Chinese Buddha     12235549_1082792475072738_262406486_o12197347_1082792521739400_1550034886_o          12226445_1082792538406065_78539400_n12227953_1082792648406054_1378140326_o              12218355_1082792888406030_33557657_o12228028_1082792848406034_1584222797_o         12214082_1082792795072706_1881546269_o12235264_1082792675072718_659116756_o         12218372_1082792911739361_1683763694_o12214446_1082792941739358_708180615_o            12211013_1082792995072686_2124261090_o          12227876_1082792978406021_934237105_o       12235446_1082793125072673_150236706_o     12214431_1082793085072677_276399269_o Jewels on the floor    12214412_1082793505072635_1979069959_oSide profile          12218294_1082793218405997_579735811_o12213902_1082793481739304_1978355662_o          12235396_1082793385072647_948494837_o               12214279_1082793615072624_1025520700_o           12214027_1082793688405950_1309501035_o                      12227867_1082793745072611_1436625482_o    12213870_1082793768405942_1275652396_o      Sorry there isn’t more of me in the classroom I pretty much have seniors in High School so they are preparing for tests and a bunch of commotion. Even this week I won’t see 8 of my 10 classes oh well Sabai Sabai, I will have a chance to make an even better lesson plan for them.

Bpai Lá Ná Ka! (Bye/ I will go now in Thai)                                                                            Elaine ❤


5 thoughts on “First Week of November (Already?)

  1. Haha. I love your Thai at the end, and your pictures are great! This site is really going well. A little tip: if you’re adding a lot of pictures, you can use the “create gallery,” and then you can select as many pictures as you need, and then on the right side there’s a couple of visual effects that you can choose to set your gallery. My personal favorite is “mosaic tiles.” Try it. It makes your pictures a bit more grouped and it has a neat look effect.

    I hope our students are treating you well! Though I talked to a couple of them and it seems lie they haven’t been to class for a while… lol.


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