Watch Out! It’s a Long One.

I’d like to start with, Hi. I missed updating you all since it’s been 2 weeks since I went to the Amphawa Floating Market. My lack of blog activity can assure you that I’ve been a busy bee. ‘So, what have you been busy with Elaine?’

Micro Teaching                                                                                                              From the 19th to the 22nd of October I got my first experience teaching an actual Thai class (unlike the university students I practiced with for 15 minutes). On the first day, all 22 of us loaded onto 4 vans at 7:30am. We were taken to Chai Chimplee School. We loaded off, the higher ups gave us words of advice, and then we went to assembly where all the students were sitting in rows. In front of them was a row of 22 students standing with flower leis (not like the big Hawaiian ones …wristlet size?) in their hands. We were told to sit in chairs in front of them. We sit, I meet eyes with the girl in front of me and smiled. All of a sudden they get on their knees after something was said in Thai. ‘Oh okay.’ Then another command in Thai and their heads and hands were on the floor and they were ‘Wai’ing to us (a way to praise someone older or with more respect). I didn’t feel deserving of this and I wanted to give the girl in front of me a hug. Then again it made me motivated to make this the best 4 days I could.                       20151019_085244

Now, these were 4 days with only two hours of teaching each day. The good thing is that I also had a partner: Tom YUM! His actual name is Thomas… The four days of Micro teaching consisted of: Introducing themselves// Holding a three way conversation// The months// Halloween// How to Express themselves// How to describe where they’re from// and Camping. It was challenging and I felt as if those 4 days flew because I was just trying to make sure my lessons were feasible. I think the students had fun and got easily attached? I mean by the end I had 12 new Facebook friends and they all were posting how much they loved me and Tom Yum 🙂                                                                      Real talk though: I really enjoyed them and got attached myself.20151020_10401520151020_105334                                                                                  Showing off their Halloween creations

On the last day our host teachers were there to observe us. (We had met them the night before. I will get to that) I think it went well and I actually wasn’t nervous at all. What was surprising is that we had to sit in front of the students again. This time there wasn’t an indicator like flowers to tell what would happen next. We were told to cup our hands in front of us. After many students walked by ‘blessing’ us with rose aroma water. Another action students or even people do to teachers or monks. Moments like this remind me I’m in “Amazing Thailand.”

20151026_23393420151022_105927  20151022_110925

Meeting My Host Teachers                                                                                              On the 21st we had dinner with our host teachers. Unfortunately, only one of the two that were in Bangkok showed up because the other was sick. I actually have 4 host teachers, aka: P’s (Pi is for elders or older sister). Fortunately P’Amm was so sweet and easy to talk to. We took selfies and I felt comfortable with her. Dinner was good and filling then we all took a picture… as in the 22 of us with our 2 host teachers each making 66… A lot were on tip toes and even my host teacher was hidden. The next day I was able to meet my second Host teacher P’Yu. I’m happy to announce I had another way of comfort which led me to be calm about my departure to Sukhothai that was then, happening in a week.1445438253913  1445438263370

P’Amm                                            Edie’s P’s and My P’s


20151021_181113 20151022_144240P’ Yu & P’Am

Koh Phi Phi                                                                                                                           On the last day of Micro teaching we still had a long day ahead of us. We were going to Koh Phi Phi Island for our four day weekend Thursday to Sundayish (get to Bangkok at 6am Monday).

Where is that?

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.34.59 PMWe might as well have gone to Malaysia too.

So to get there… it took a 12 hour bus ride! YAY!!! Also there was a delay because there was a confusion with our bus tickets. What happened is that 8 of us told 1 to get our tickets together and they accidentally bought the one for the night of the 23rd not the 22. Really it was no big at all even if she felt bad we were all “Sabai” (patient and happy). So 8 went on the 7:10 pm bus that ended up leaving at 7:40 and our 8 went on the 8pm bus. Easy fix.

I slept on and off but it was not enough sleep. We got to Krabi and then got ferry tickets which took about two hours to get to the island. (I was not so “Sabai” by this point)20151023_12314220151023_12365020151023_123939

We got to the island and all problems were lost we went to our guest house, changed and went to the beach! Finally! It was cool but kinda dirty. Also it was smoggy season. We still got in. Then I got cut with a rock which hurt all weekend long; oh well. We went kayaking (which was real work) then enjoyed a night of fire spinning. 1445599785103<DEE! // MIMI> 1445599738114144559970300920151023_17072620151023_205028


The next day we went up to the view point and explored a nicer beach (Long beach).20151024_113926_HDR 20151024_114606 20151024_114646_HDR 20151024_120855 20151024_121705 20151024_122112 20151024_162428-PANOLong Beach

20151024_195548What you thought you read 20151024_195552What you actually read

20151025_093703Of course it got beautiful once we left20151025_123040_HDR 20151025_130521 20151025_101041 Breakfast<3 20151025_104823 20151025_093753

Finally it was time to go back onto the 2 hr ferry and 12 hour bus ride. Oy Vey. Well Worth it before we got to our various provinces.

The Big Move

On Wednesday, the 28th of October, it was time to depart Bangkok and all the wonderful people I met all month long. I was ready. Edie and I are both in Sukhothai so we were able to fly out together and opened bank accounts as well.20151028_05581820151028_081737_HDR20151028_090441_HDR

Immediately after we were taken to our individual cities. It all happened so fast!                  So what have you done since being there?

-Bought stuff  -ate stuff  -saw my school  -spent a day in the office  -greeted students in the morning   -went to a coffee shop  -made my home a home  -visited Edie

1446039150392   1446039153803  My four Pi’s and I out to dinner with their children for my first night

Sawananan Wittaya School!!!!                             20151029_080626 Assembly


20151029_08053920151029_080438 Elephant Garden 20151029_113018P’Yu & P’Oy 20151029_111737 Famous Sukhothai dish 20151029_111019_HDR  20151029_184325                                                                                 My house from the outside @ night

20151028_161252 My bed and New bedding20151030_074600 My desk at the office

20151029_080039P’Yu and I doing our Thursday Morning Greeting

12202231_10153191040130737_266490678_n 12200780_10153191040210737_1710870662_n 12179797_10153191040200737_1150889056_n having dinner at Soi (street) 8 with P’Yu, Indy and P’Am

Finally visiting Edie and Making a new Thai friend: Bom                12192847_1079474878737831_56395626_o 10717448_1079474895404496_116871548_n

Well there is your two week update. I will now return to once a week posts, because recalling and adding so many pictures to one post took 3 days. I can’t wait to see what rural Thailand has in store for me.

Talk soon!                                                                                                                                Elaine (:

One thought on “Watch Out! It’s a Long One.

  1. Wow, little girl you have busy. Beautiful scenery. The school is big. Your teachers look nice and sweey. You will be fine. You have good people surrounding you. Love you. Que Diosito te Bendiga y las muchachas que te van ayudarte a ser una maestra.


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