A Pondering Post…Pictures at the End.

This post was meant to be about the floating market, but I can’t write about it until I get an incident completely off of my mind.

Last Wednesday; my birthday, I went to a networking event that had many…well paying members if you may. I believe a lot of my fellow ETA’s had fun with it, while others thought ‘this is too “Hi-So/ Fudjie” for me.’ I fell in the second boat but I wasn’t not going to talk to these people who are technically funding us.

Many of these people worked for high-end companies and had lived in Thailand for 5+ years. My favorite question to ask, “So you must know a lot of Thai right?” “No not at all” or “Well, we really emphasize on our workers knowing English” was what I had for a response. A judgemental smile is what they would receive in return. How ignorant! You are IN Thailand. That’s not the part that made me ponder for so long.

I meet eyes with this man and he walks my way. “Ah you must be one of the Fulbrighters!” “Yes, I am.” I continued with what we do and how we do it. After getting bored he asks “So where are you from in the United States.” “California.” “Where in California?”                      *Where in California? Throughout my time here I’ve said I’m from San Diego. I know San Diego like the back of my palm and have so much SD pride. Realistically, I come from Calexico; a place I have no pride for, nor like to really mention because of the -“two hours east from San Diego, down the mountain grade, bordering Mexico, and two hours from Arizona, barely California”- explanation I always have to give.

Back to my answer. “Calexico, its east of San Diego, bordering Mexicali, Mexico.”

His body language changed rapidly. “Oh, and you’re a Fulbrighter? Well, congratulations on making it. I apologize for all of the immigration politics. It must be very hard. *Clinks my glass and walks away.


I got slapped in the face by that comment. It wasn’t a True apology. It was a, “How are you an immigrant being funded by the U.S. government, and me?”

My grandmother was born in East LA. Sure both of my parents were born in Mexico but that was because of timing not because they illegally immigrated over here. I’ve never been affected by what Trump had to say or anyone for that matter about immigration. It hasn’t personally affected me! I’m American, Mexican-American because my roots are from Mexico but I, and even my Grandmother were born in America. I was a little Mexican- American running around saying, “We should speak English because we’re in America.” If anything I lacked culture.

But no, last Wednesday, was the first time that I was put into the immigration box, whether he assumed my family did it illegally or not. The weirdest thing is that this didn’t happen in the United States. It happened in Thailand.

What I take away from this: I’m proud to be Mexican- American. I understand that immigration and illegal immigration are strongly focused around Mexicans, but I do not fall into that category. That does not mean that I do not feel empathy for those who did and get rejected like I did that night. Mexicans aren’t the only illegal immigrants nor are all Mexicans immigrants. Just remember THAT before you judge a book by it’s cover.

USA is a melting pot, don’t take away that beauty.

Amphawa Floating market on Saturday:

12169669_1074026362616016_1008915742_o 12169980_1074026355949350_734222029_o 12170908_1074026325949353_1036871911_o 12171576_1074026272616025_1014175400_o 12169734_1074026265949359_2077097541_o 12171518_1074026242616028_766570696_o 12171609_1074026232616029_2119880785_o 12171355_1074026219282697_1944701504_o 12170983_1074026195949366_276213465_oRiding in the back of a pick-up. 12169379_1074026179282701_1234316310_o 12171893_1074026169282702_1431979058_o 12169635_1074026145949371_1634292029_o 12169233_1074026122616040_1871801447_o 12171449_1074026099282709_1483288329_oOld school Thai ice cream.                                                             A Thai Massage never hurt

12171716_1074026069282712_1303699428_o 12171364_1074026062616046_703962161_o 12171813_1074026042616048_1621985565_o 12169954_1074026035949382_909886788_o 12171381_1074026022616050_1052965159_oGet your carb here, I think they meant crab…12169055_1074026005949385_543231001_o 12171526_1074025919282727_580822922_o 12169630_1074025902616062_1170640667_o 12168824_1074025749282744_2089954382_o 12170917_1074025889282730_1803161215_o

12171153_1074025872616065_1159228166_o                                                                  Coconut Ice Cream, still getting use to the Coconut

12168769_1074025829282736_1191101140_o 12171283_1074025812616071_290313173_o 12168296_1074025795949406_1004504199_o 12168949_1074025692616083_791740617_o 12171105_1074025565949429_991072623_o 12171656_1074025559282763_1435261025_o 12171181_1074025522616100_454094817_o 12171408_1074025509282768_1386083206_o

It was a lot of fun trust me! Except a very long day, with so much food!

Can’t wait to share my next adventures with you all!                                                              Elaine ❤


2 thoughts on “A Pondering Post…Pictures at the End.

  1. Thank you for defending and realizing where you come from and never be ashamed of it. It is who you have become. Our grandparents and ancestors may have been immigrants but it is because of them that we should be grateful that we are here and whom we have become. If this helps. Your parents are not immigrants. Your mom was born in Mexicali because your nana didn’t trust the doctors from Calexico and your dad was born in Tequila, Jalisco because his mother had him over there because she was too pregnant to fly back to the US. Love you!!!!


  2. I had a similar issue also. I was at a house party (it’s not as wild as it sounds, lol) and a guy from Arkansas asked me where I was from, and I said America.

    “Where in America?”
    “I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota.”
    He gives me a curious look. “Are you American?”
    “Yes, our family immigrated to the U.S. a long time ago when I was an infant.”
    “So, you have an American passport?”
    “Yes, it’s how I got here as a Fulbrighter.”
    “Well, that’s interesting.”

    I didn’t take it too offensively since a lot of people from other parts of the country (and world) don’t know that there are immigrant Americans from all over the place. Once we are here, people should judge us on what we do with the opportunities available to us rather than automatically putting us into a prejudice filled box.

    But email me how you’re feeling! Have you met our host teachers yet? I saw some Facebook pictures that showed they might’ve arrived in BKK already.


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