Kanchanaburi/ Erawan Waterfalls Weekend Trip!

Friday 10.9.15:   It’s almost the end of orientation and we’re on our toes. All kind of tired feeling, but also just ready to get out for the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, we had a good last presenter and we were getting out at 2:30p instead of 4p. Still, Friday, end of the “work week” … we all wanted out. Once we were out we were told to meet by 3:15p sharp downstairs all ready to take taxis to the bus station.


*Taxi ride: I was mostly joking, but I told my friend Crystal to stand in the back and to let me call the taxi since we didn’t have the best of luck when she would try (she was great trust me taxi guys are just lazy here). Point is: I get one and he says yes on the first try! *LEVEL UP. The ride was about 45mins long because of traffic… L.A. folks it’s worse here.. =/ Regardless we got a good deal compared to most of the other groups. 12164650_1072528862765766_2041957812_oThis is the craziness you see as a passenger… 12169707_1072528856099100_806409439_o Tall person perks: shot gun.                                                            *We get to the bus station and go to 7/11,… (Remind me to make an ode to 7/11 they’re EVERYWHERE)  get food, and our bus ticket to Kanchanaburi: about North West from Bangkok.


We meet with two more groups and pack a mini van to go to our destination… 2 and a half hours which felt like forever but we made it. I was really tired. 12164968_1072528836099102_1562755789_o12164969_1072528832765769_993368487_o12168399_1072528826099103_318295357_o12169469_1072528796099106_211592250_o

Regardless I had energy to eat and get to know my awesome ETA fam bam more with a fun game of “hot seat.” (Note this weekend really opened doors to closer connections for all of us :)) 12165341_1072528809432438_85286072_o

10.10.15: We eat, walk to the bus station… see a marching band on our way to the bus station, hop on and enjoy another 1 and a half hr drive to Erawan waterfalls. 12169821_1072528789432440_1104060757_o12169448_1072528776099108_153091901_o12168504_1072528722765780_1816286016_o12169369_1072528636099122_844589924_o12169617_1072528619432457_353398946_o12164510_1072528602765792_592703595_o12169756_1072528592765793_668451527_o12168229_1072528576099128_1646610900_o12169968_1072528562765796_747539754_o12168755_1072528552765797_824543780_o12168550_1072528532765799_1392252461_o

After the retro bus trip, we made it and were excited to start our adventure. 12168904_1072528489432470_726379503_o 12168630_1072528452765807_229823413_o 12164856_1072528112765841_1115461290_oAustin, Dee, Jacob, Polly!12170093_1072528446099141_1946787707_o 12164923_1072528436099142_1695507608_o 12168410_1072528426099143_1790652616_o12169808_1072528092765843_19179646_o

12165472_1072528089432510_1870635512_o 12165448_1072528082765844_464462273_o   We saw an opportunity for some good profile pics

12169228_1072528076099178_1481342660_o  12119773_1072528406099145_1025066660_o 12169601_1072528399432479_1004265489_o 12165211_1072528392765813_1970955720_o 12169512_1072528382765814_1272810197_o                            Fish! yes they were swimming with us… but they’re the ones that eat the dead skin off of you O.O

12168817_1072528372765815_1016024779_oYes I look like a dork 🙂  12169294_1072528362765816_549961007_o DEE!12168903_1072528356099150_974705677_o 12119749_1072528066099179_959475421_o12168253_1072528332765819_502116928_o 12165029_1072528309432488_630251122_o 12169236_1072528292765823_817278738_o 12169801_1072528266099159_2022517582_o     12168563_1072528242765828_876875331_olook what’s that?!

12169205_1072528226099163_1582626856_oCrystal! ❤

12169389_1072528222765830_974626073_o 12168280_1072528212765831_1952994233_oEdie & Dee 12167426_1072528129432506_1965256966_nOur little dysfunctional group ❤

12168166_1072528042765848_1699975870_n We even got to slide down some of the falls!

Then it was time to go home and be squished sardines! …I felt bad for the guys standing the whole time.

12168270_1072528196099166_1275812642_o 12168729_1072528179432501_1759286312_o 12164443_1072528169432502_587555235_o

This is where we stayed…literally ON the river.12165368_1072528162765836_267074069_o 12119268_1072528156099170_1336857933_o  12168786_1072528119432507_1029975175_o

This was a great trip and would do it again! VN Guesthouse (place we stayed at) was quite comfortable in terms of service and safety… lack of ac and hostel beds: inevitable for cheap travel.

Till next time,                                                                                                                          Elaine ❤

2 thoughts on “Kanchanaburi/ Erawan Waterfalls Weekend Trip!

  1. Everything you did looks super effin cray. the fall look like somthing id be into haha last time i was on one like that was when i was on a boat cruise in mex (i was like 13 kD) and slide down this rock water fall!

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