BDAY POST: YeeSipSooong…oohh!! (TWENTY-TWO)

Note: Yeesipsong= 22 in Thai

Okay okay, soooo this year October 14, 2015 (2558 thai year) I turned 22 and my bday lasted 38hrs! …Thailand + California time difference of 14 hrs 😉

It actually started at 11:50pm on the 13th because the lovely people who came to sing to me and give me my imaginary cake were too anxious haha. 12169536_1072527206099265_1403655778_o                                                              Christine, Danielle (with the fake cake), Amy, Polly, Crystal, Dee (hands only)

I opened my “Open when” letter for my bday from Aly & Idalia & my roomie Dee gave me a card & bandages….she knows me already haha

Great view to start my day


I woke up, went for a run and headed to orientation. Normal day. Until you walk in and people sing HBD, and Tom Yum gave me my first taste of Dewberrys12168413_1072527166099269_355383625_o  🙂 …Confirmation: they’re addicting

But really I didn’t mind, I felt sooo Loved throughout my day ❤

ALSO after our little Thai lesson we get told that were going to have P’kee and a presenter run a little into our lunch time… I was a bit disappointed.. I was hungry okay. Turns out I get fooled easily and boom! Two orange cakes and everyone singing HBD again haha it was soooo Delicious! I didn’t even feel bad after, I just had an over intake of fruit lol. 12165077_1072527126099273_787496258_o 12169990_1072527159432603_1751613601_o

I also received a recorded song from Gordon & a beautiful collage from SAM! 12167437_1072527192765933_1796787961_n

After orientation I treated myself to bubble tea (I’m on #8/10 on my stamp card) and watched the first episode of AHS Hotel.  At 6… it was time. Time for what Elaine?        Time for Networking! So it was scheduled for us to attend a networking dinner hosted by AMCHAM one of the Funders of Fulbright Thailand. Most people would be like “aw man interfering with the party,” but I was like FREE FOOD & DRINKS!   two words: Red Wine    The people were cool too, I played Pokemon and caught all of the business cards I could, but really our main purpose for being there was to share what theses committee members were putting their money towards and I was more than happy to share. 12165207_1072526862765966_518928414_o

Aaaaafter we went to Moon Bar 61 Stories above Bangkok where I got MY favorite drink… and some really FRESH air. I cannot emphasize how I didn’t realize I was breathing horrible air until I was 61 stories high.

12165262_1072526739432645_1365055753_o12168705_1072526712765981_13682410_o12168381_1072526682765984_1286393259_o12169728_1072526659432653_930890383_o20151014_21361012168823_1072526826099303_540528636_o  That was my wonderful 22nd for ya 🙂


12165055_1072528039432515_193452235_oCoconut ice cream in coconut                                                   Went Back to Lumpini park and paddled 12170015_1072527812765871_680900909_o12165602_1072527572765895_1766653041_o

12165308_1072527786099207_1003004312_ocasual monitor lizard

12168294_1072527742765878_258051981_ohearts @ Lumpini

Cooking Class we made 3 courses 😉 12168216_1072527636099222_1540250301_o12169713_1072527619432557_2060446201_oour desert: coconut milk with banana                                       Went back to Tha Maharaj: 12168365_1072527456099240_745753947_o12168892_1072527439432575_54468821_o12164845_1072527406099245_989334433_o12164809_1072527336099252_2007614188_o  12083788_1072527232765929_1976027627_n                                                                      My casual night with 3 desserts… O.O12165192_1072527356099250_2063538995_o12165268_1072527329432586_1288666224_o     12169960_1072527319432587_1750485720_o

Before12165632_1072527289432590_1852663807_o    After12119742_1072527259432593_692846671_o

12169344_1072527089432610_669780493_o12165372_1072527076099278_1041338270_oIa taught me how to waltz

12168692_1072527229432596_794433859_oEXTENDO DEE!

I’d say I’m getting a full Bangkok experience.

ttyl,                                                                                                                                          Elaine<3

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