I’m already singing to Disney Classics

Week 2 in Thailand; What?! What?!

For clarification I am currently in Bangkok enjoying orientation and 21 (soon to be 22) American’s who are fellow ETA’s. We are stationed at the international dorm of Chulalongkorn University. Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm we are learning Thai, possible cross cultural interactions, and how to “manage” a classroom. On October 28th we will be flown to our provinces and introduced to our host teachers who will help us settle in and show us the ropes of our school and location.

So how ya doin’ Elaine?- Now, good. This past week was everywhere and back in my head. I realized that: 7 days was the longest time I’ve spent outside of California, that I needed more down time if I was going to be able to keep up with everyone else, and that I know myself better than I thought, which was comforting. . . I know right, down time in Bangkok?! Well, I took it and it helped. Don’t worry, I have still done and seen new things; no I’m not stuck in my room all day.

So last Friday (10.2.15) I met my predecessor and he clarified a lot of questions in my head, but again he graciously kept a lot for me to “experience myself.” So therefore I shall. That evening, we went to this SUPER touristy place again led by our Thai friend Chatcha! This place was called “Asiatique,” lots of things to eat, shops and it even has a ferris wheel. Like the one in London, or Seattle, or the one they’re considering in San Diego.

12119243_1069321996419786_554897531_o                                                              Asiatique even has a “Juliet Love Garden” where you can attach a lock with names and what not. No I didn’t do it (sorry Gordon didn’t have a lock on me at the time lol)


12112658_1069322159753103_1812274734_o   Happy Faces or starved faces?                       I tried my first coconut shake… It was okay. (still adjusting to coconut) 12124367_1069322196419766_1662188507_o12162359_1069322313086421_1255131955_o12119491_1069322413086411_1111693546_o

Fun-Fact: to get in and out of Asiatique there is a FREE ferry! Where do you ever find a free ferry?! (Note Asian woman yawning who looks like she’s just enthused as Amy)

The following day I took it CHILL. Slept in, read, slept. Saturday was recoup day and it was beautiful.

Sunday: We went to the infamous JJ market. Why infamous? It’s supposably the largest weekend market in South East Asia, with 8,000 different stalls varying from food, clothes, furniture, animals and many more.


Although this wall looks like a menu, it’s actually a wall of thai food magnets.12162399_1069322979753021_390431861_o

Miscellaneous happenings throughout the last week:

Explored “I’m Park” which is next to the dorm we’re staying at.12086737_1069322799753039_482612149_n12124282_1069322776419708_1922228197_o             Saw a ginormous snail.12162760_1069322446419741_350938573_o

Realized that the escalators don’t go until they are stepped on BEWARE! …Turned up on a Tuesday (again) I will go in depth on this one. Pretty much if you go to this club called “Levels” on a Tuesday, every 5 people get in free AND get a free bottle of Vodka with a purchase of 4 “chasers” 1 Sprite= 100 Bhat = 400 Bhat per Vodka Bottle price: $10.00USD per 5 people = $2USD every Tuesday night for a fun time, live performers, and pretty good music


Nap time in between orientation workshops12162891_1069323586419627_1479279580_o

12162437_1069323199752999_1094077568_oOver-enthused about being in orientation.                           Bangkok Art and Cultural Museum, this place spoke to me. Completely amazing!


And finally random acts of kindness: My next door neighbor Ollie (a Thai student who attends Chula) stopped by and gave me and my roommate some snacks from her weekend trip! Out of no where! It was so good and I loved her explanation for it “OMG sweet” What it is: ‘Kao Iharm’ sticky rice with some sweet stuff mixed into it in a bamboo stalk. I can’t wait to find this again. THANK YOU OLLIE!                      12112865_1069323109753008_342727262_o12119684_1069323116419674_1923092913_o

I would also like to note that I am hand washing my clothes. I already miss chocolate. Read The Martian. I had this yummy Mocha Pistachio Cake today.  12124285_1069323629752956_207118934_o

Love ya, Miss ya, or Can’t wait to meet ya,                                                                     Elaine ❤


2 thoughts on “I’m already singing to Disney Classics

  1. Hi Baby,

    Boy you sure are becoming adventurous. Already singing Disney Classics can’t wait to here you sing. Wow the food looks good and the fruit delicious. The pictures are beautiful.
    So you are eating or drinking coconut. Please be careful with this fruit. I had a student that drank coconut juice from a coconut and his organs almost shut down and left him paralyzed for a year. The reason was that when they opened the coconut it was full of mold. Just be careful what you eat. Oh yeah dont drink from a closed coconut.
    Continue enjoying yourself and learning all that beautiful culture. Love you. Que Diosito te Bendiga. Mama bear🐨


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