Hello Thailand!

First of all, sorry. The whole weekly thing didn’t quite happen from my last post but now that I’m settled into my 30 day home, I can finally share my first week’s experiences (in snippets since there’s a lot)

My last week in the states: filled with friends and family…Moving on

9.24.14   2:30am-wake up… go back to bed    2:45 same     3:30.. eh why not just wake up. I got things ready and slightly reflected. Regardless I still felt very tired and nodded off every now and then. 4:30a came along where I got picked up to go to breakfast with my mom and Gordon. I couldn’t eat my chocolate chip pancakes. I felt like I was about to puke.

At San Diego airport: Emotions and feels. Really I kept myself together compared to how much I wanted to explode. “If your goals don’t scare you they’re not big enough” kept floating in my head to calm me down. After going through security I went to the restroom cried and went out as if nothing happened (yes I’m being very real with you all). Found my gate and sat down to open my box from my lovelies: Aly and Idalia 12071702_1066665430018776_425067352_n (1)      At San Francisco Airport: Met 5 of my co- ETA’s (Amy, Polly, Kayla, Danielle & Crystal) Scheduled to leave at 11:25am. That didn’t happen so much.                                       Why? 12pm-2pm: lavatories weren’t working // 2pm: decision to switch planes //          5pm: Board new plane // 5:15pm: crew change // 5:35pm: EMT’s need to come help // 6:00pm: another crew change // 6:40pm Drunk guy gets arrested                                         All I can say is don’t fly with United, even if two of the incidents weren’t their fault

My face throughout the 8 hour delay:


At Japan Airport (Some how 10p of the 25th of September): United airlines fixed up all the connecting flights for people who lost them because of the 8 hour delay. They also had accommodations for us at a nearby hotel with free dinner and breakfast.

12077521_1066665286685457_654314578_n 12083908_1066665353352117_1984125407_n 12092378_1066665220018797_1523282641_n

9.26.15: Arriving to Bangkok-                                                                                              Finally after what seemed like forever we made it to beautiful Thailand.   12083867_1066665240018795_1657733645_n             12059459_1066661196685866_1082730495_o                                     It felt so good to finally arrive. We met our P’s (elders in Thailand) and hopped on a van that would lead us to the other ETA’s we knew nothing about.

12071633_1066665233352129_995110746_n                                                                                                   Yes that is the divers seat on the other side. When looking both way it’s not left right left, it’s right, left, right.

12087509_1066665143352138_1554930953_n     My View                                                         After we got to meet people for a bit and eat dinner, now there were 21 of us!

9/27/15: Tourist                                                                                                                    About 10 of us decided we wanted to go to the temples and get shown around by Daniel’s Thai friend Chatcha. She was great. We went to Siam Center, the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, got a Thai Massage, and this little river front type thing, and finally Khao San Road.  12077520_1066660833352569_1070725666_n   12047571_1066661660019153_1781091998_n   12080859_1066665033352149_1093573902_n     12084089_1066661560019163_1908620398_n12064501_1066660840019235_764433343_n  12077057_1066661566685829_1722065433_n 12077271_1066661593352493_208507851_n  12086814_1066661120019207_832807835_n   12083998_1066661123352540_1306479040_n 12053217_1066661436685842_65995631_n12092484_1066661213352531_104282782_n     12067856_1066661310019188_878779942_n    12080877_1066660870019232_585488701_n  12081367_1066660900019229_271944420_n                        

9/28-10/1: Orientation   So now we have been in rooms and workshops from 9am- 4pm getting to know old ETA’s and what we are about to go into. We go out at night and even “Turned up on a Tuesday,” …Literally.

All week 1 right there… 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else Thailand has up it’s sleeve.

Talk soon,                                                                                                                               Elaine ❤

9 thoughts on “Hello Thailand!

  1. Wow, the temples are amazing. I cannot believe how beautiful Thiland is. Well I better start saving my pennies so that I can see it myself and aling eith my daughter.


      1. While you are over there ask to see what hotels are good to stay in and how longvif a time should I spend over there to enjoy there sites? Love you baby.🐨💗🐼


  2. Your faces thru the 8 hour delay was the highlight of the blog! haha
    Hope you have a great time in Thailand especially during your stay at ihouse!

    Olly- a girl next door (lol)

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