Watch Out! It’s a Long One.

I’d like to start with, Hi. I missed updating you all since it’s been 2 weeks since I went to the Amphawa Floating Market. My lack of blog activity can assure you that I’ve been a busy bee. ‘So, what have you been busy with Elaine?’

Micro Teaching                                                                                                              From the 19th to the 22nd of October I got my first experience teaching an actual Thai class (unlike the university students I practiced with for 15 minutes). On the first day, all 22 of us loaded onto 4 vans at 7:30am. We were taken to Chai Chimplee School. We loaded off, the higher ups gave us words of advice, and then we went to assembly where all the students were sitting in rows. In front of them was a row of 22 students standing with flower leis (not like the big Hawaiian ones …wristlet size?) in their hands. We were told to sit in chairs in front of them. We sit, I meet eyes with the girl in front of me and smiled. All of a sudden they get on their knees after something was said in Thai. ‘Oh okay.’ Then another command in Thai and their heads and hands were on the floor and they were ‘Wai’ing to us (a way to praise someone older or with more respect). I didn’t feel deserving of this and I wanted to give the girl in front of me a hug. Then again it made me motivated to make this the best 4 days I could.                       20151019_085244

Now, these were 4 days with only two hours of teaching each day. The good thing is that I also had a partner: Tom YUM! His actual name is Thomas… The four days of Micro teaching consisted of: Introducing themselves// Holding a three way conversation// The months// Halloween// How to Express themselves// How to describe where they’re from// and Camping. It was challenging and I felt as if those 4 days flew because I was just trying to make sure my lessons were feasible. I think the students had fun and got easily attached? I mean by the end I had 12 new Facebook friends and they all were posting how much they loved me and Tom Yum 🙂                                                                      Real talk though: I really enjoyed them and got attached myself.20151020_10401520151020_105334                                                                                  Showing off their Halloween creations

On the last day our host teachers were there to observe us. (We had met them the night before. I will get to that) I think it went well and I actually wasn’t nervous at all. What was surprising is that we had to sit in front of the students again. This time there wasn’t an indicator like flowers to tell what would happen next. We were told to cup our hands in front of us. After many students walked by ‘blessing’ us with rose aroma water. Another action students or even people do to teachers or monks. Moments like this remind me I’m in “Amazing Thailand.”

20151026_23393420151022_105927  20151022_110925

Meeting My Host Teachers                                                                                              On the 21st we had dinner with our host teachers. Unfortunately, only one of the two that were in Bangkok showed up because the other was sick. I actually have 4 host teachers, aka: P’s (Pi is for elders or older sister). Fortunately P’Amm was so sweet and easy to talk to. We took selfies and I felt comfortable with her. Dinner was good and filling then we all took a picture… as in the 22 of us with our 2 host teachers each making 66… A lot were on tip toes and even my host teacher was hidden. The next day I was able to meet my second Host teacher P’Yu. I’m happy to announce I had another way of comfort which led me to be calm about my departure to Sukhothai that was then, happening in a week.1445438253913  1445438263370

P’Amm                                            Edie’s P’s and My P’s


20151021_181113 20151022_144240P’ Yu & P’Am

Koh Phi Phi                                                                                                                           On the last day of Micro teaching we still had a long day ahead of us. We were going to Koh Phi Phi Island for our four day weekend Thursday to Sundayish (get to Bangkok at 6am Monday).

Where is that?

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.34.59 PMWe might as well have gone to Malaysia too.

So to get there… it took a 12 hour bus ride! YAY!!! Also there was a delay because there was a confusion with our bus tickets. What happened is that 8 of us told 1 to get our tickets together and they accidentally bought the one for the night of the 23rd not the 22. Really it was no big at all even if she felt bad we were all “Sabai” (patient and happy). So 8 went on the 7:10 pm bus that ended up leaving at 7:40 and our 8 went on the 8pm bus. Easy fix.

I slept on and off but it was not enough sleep. We got to Krabi and then got ferry tickets which took about two hours to get to the island. (I was not so “Sabai” by this point)20151023_12314220151023_12365020151023_123939

We got to the island and all problems were lost we went to our guest house, changed and went to the beach! Finally! It was cool but kinda dirty. Also it was smoggy season. We still got in. Then I got cut with a rock which hurt all weekend long; oh well. We went kayaking (which was real work) then enjoyed a night of fire spinning. 1445599785103<DEE! // MIMI> 1445599738114144559970300920151023_17072620151023_205028


The next day we went up to the view point and explored a nicer beach (Long beach).20151024_113926_HDR 20151024_114606 20151024_114646_HDR 20151024_120855 20151024_121705 20151024_122112 20151024_162428-PANOLong Beach

20151024_195548What you thought you read 20151024_195552What you actually read

20151025_093703Of course it got beautiful once we left20151025_123040_HDR 20151025_130521 20151025_101041 Breakfast<3 20151025_104823 20151025_093753

Finally it was time to go back onto the 2 hr ferry and 12 hour bus ride. Oy Vey. Well Worth it before we got to our various provinces.

The Big Move

On Wednesday, the 28th of October, it was time to depart Bangkok and all the wonderful people I met all month long. I was ready. Edie and I are both in Sukhothai so we were able to fly out together and opened bank accounts as well.20151028_05581820151028_081737_HDR20151028_090441_HDR

Immediately after we were taken to our individual cities. It all happened so fast!                  So what have you done since being there?

-Bought stuff  -ate stuff  -saw my school  -spent a day in the office  -greeted students in the morning   -went to a coffee shop  -made my home a home  -visited Edie

1446039150392   1446039153803  My four Pi’s and I out to dinner with their children for my first night

Sawananan Wittaya School!!!!                             20151029_080626 Assembly


20151029_08053920151029_080438 Elephant Garden 20151029_113018P’Yu & P’Oy 20151029_111737 Famous Sukhothai dish 20151029_111019_HDR  20151029_184325                                                                                 My house from the outside @ night

20151028_161252 My bed and New bedding20151030_074600 My desk at the office

20151029_080039P’Yu and I doing our Thursday Morning Greeting

12202231_10153191040130737_266490678_n 12200780_10153191040210737_1710870662_n 12179797_10153191040200737_1150889056_n having dinner at Soi (street) 8 with P’Yu, Indy and P’Am

Finally visiting Edie and Making a new Thai friend: Bom                12192847_1079474878737831_56395626_o 10717448_1079474895404496_116871548_n

Well there is your two week update. I will now return to once a week posts, because recalling and adding so many pictures to one post took 3 days. I can’t wait to see what rural Thailand has in store for me.

Talk soon!                                                                                                                                Elaine (:

A Pondering Post…Pictures at the End.

This post was meant to be about the floating market, but I can’t write about it until I get an incident completely off of my mind.

Last Wednesday; my birthday, I went to a networking event that had many…well paying members if you may. I believe a lot of my fellow ETA’s had fun with it, while others thought ‘this is too “Hi-So/ Fudjie” for me.’ I fell in the second boat but I wasn’t not going to talk to these people who are technically funding us.

Many of these people worked for high-end companies and had lived in Thailand for 5+ years. My favorite question to ask, “So you must know a lot of Thai right?” “No not at all” or “Well, we really emphasize on our workers knowing English” was what I had for a response. A judgemental smile is what they would receive in return. How ignorant! You are IN Thailand. That’s not the part that made me ponder for so long.

I meet eyes with this man and he walks my way. “Ah you must be one of the Fulbrighters!” “Yes, I am.” I continued with what we do and how we do it. After getting bored he asks “So where are you from in the United States.” “California.” “Where in California?”                      *Where in California? Throughout my time here I’ve said I’m from San Diego. I know San Diego like the back of my palm and have so much SD pride. Realistically, I come from Calexico; a place I have no pride for, nor like to really mention because of the -“two hours east from San Diego, down the mountain grade, bordering Mexico, and two hours from Arizona, barely California”- explanation I always have to give.

Back to my answer. “Calexico, its east of San Diego, bordering Mexicali, Mexico.”

His body language changed rapidly. “Oh, and you’re a Fulbrighter? Well, congratulations on making it. I apologize for all of the immigration politics. It must be very hard. *Clinks my glass and walks away.


I got slapped in the face by that comment. It wasn’t a True apology. It was a, “How are you an immigrant being funded by the U.S. government, and me?”

My grandmother was born in East LA. Sure both of my parents were born in Mexico but that was because of timing not because they illegally immigrated over here. I’ve never been affected by what Trump had to say or anyone for that matter about immigration. It hasn’t personally affected me! I’m American, Mexican-American because my roots are from Mexico but I, and even my Grandmother were born in America. I was a little Mexican- American running around saying, “We should speak English because we’re in America.” If anything I lacked culture.

But no, last Wednesday, was the first time that I was put into the immigration box, whether he assumed my family did it illegally or not. The weirdest thing is that this didn’t happen in the United States. It happened in Thailand.

What I take away from this: I’m proud to be Mexican- American. I understand that immigration and illegal immigration are strongly focused around Mexicans, but I do not fall into that category. That does not mean that I do not feel empathy for those who did and get rejected like I did that night. Mexicans aren’t the only illegal immigrants nor are all Mexicans immigrants. Just remember THAT before you judge a book by it’s cover.

USA is a melting pot, don’t take away that beauty.

Amphawa Floating market on Saturday:

12169669_1074026362616016_1008915742_o 12169980_1074026355949350_734222029_o 12170908_1074026325949353_1036871911_o 12171576_1074026272616025_1014175400_o 12169734_1074026265949359_2077097541_o 12171518_1074026242616028_766570696_o 12171609_1074026232616029_2119880785_o 12171355_1074026219282697_1944701504_o 12170983_1074026195949366_276213465_oRiding in the back of a pick-up. 12169379_1074026179282701_1234316310_o 12171893_1074026169282702_1431979058_o 12169635_1074026145949371_1634292029_o 12169233_1074026122616040_1871801447_o 12171449_1074026099282709_1483288329_oOld school Thai ice cream.                                                             A Thai Massage never hurt

12171716_1074026069282712_1303699428_o 12171364_1074026062616046_703962161_o 12171813_1074026042616048_1621985565_o 12169954_1074026035949382_909886788_o 12171381_1074026022616050_1052965159_oGet your carb here, I think they meant crab…12169055_1074026005949385_543231001_o 12171526_1074025919282727_580822922_o 12169630_1074025902616062_1170640667_o 12168824_1074025749282744_2089954382_o 12170917_1074025889282730_1803161215_o

12171153_1074025872616065_1159228166_o                                                                  Coconut Ice Cream, still getting use to the Coconut

12168769_1074025829282736_1191101140_o 12171283_1074025812616071_290313173_o 12168296_1074025795949406_1004504199_o 12168949_1074025692616083_791740617_o 12171105_1074025565949429_991072623_o 12171656_1074025559282763_1435261025_o 12171181_1074025522616100_454094817_o 12171408_1074025509282768_1386083206_o

It was a lot of fun trust me! Except a very long day, with so much food!

Can’t wait to share my next adventures with you all!                                                              Elaine ❤

BDAY POST: YeeSipSooong…oohh!! (TWENTY-TWO)

Note: Yeesipsong= 22 in Thai

Okay okay, soooo this year October 14, 2015 (2558 thai year) I turned 22 and my bday lasted 38hrs! …Thailand + California time difference of 14 hrs 😉

It actually started at 11:50pm on the 13th because the lovely people who came to sing to me and give me my imaginary cake were too anxious haha. 12169536_1072527206099265_1403655778_o                                                              Christine, Danielle (with the fake cake), Amy, Polly, Crystal, Dee (hands only)

I opened my “Open when” letter for my bday from Aly & Idalia & my roomie Dee gave me a card & bandages….she knows me already haha

Great view to start my day


I woke up, went for a run and headed to orientation. Normal day. Until you walk in and people sing HBD, and Tom Yum gave me my first taste of Dewberrys12168413_1072527166099269_355383625_o  🙂 …Confirmation: they’re addicting

But really I didn’t mind, I felt sooo Loved throughout my day ❤

ALSO after our little Thai lesson we get told that were going to have P’kee and a presenter run a little into our lunch time… I was a bit disappointed.. I was hungry okay. Turns out I get fooled easily and boom! Two orange cakes and everyone singing HBD again haha it was soooo Delicious! I didn’t even feel bad after, I just had an over intake of fruit lol. 12165077_1072527126099273_787496258_o 12169990_1072527159432603_1751613601_o

I also received a recorded song from Gordon & a beautiful collage from SAM! 12167437_1072527192765933_1796787961_n

After orientation I treated myself to bubble tea (I’m on #8/10 on my stamp card) and watched the first episode of AHS Hotel.  At 6… it was time. Time for what Elaine?        Time for Networking! So it was scheduled for us to attend a networking dinner hosted by AMCHAM one of the Funders of Fulbright Thailand. Most people would be like “aw man interfering with the party,” but I was like FREE FOOD & DRINKS!   two words: Red Wine    The people were cool too, I played Pokemon and caught all of the business cards I could, but really our main purpose for being there was to share what theses committee members were putting their money towards and I was more than happy to share. 12165207_1072526862765966_518928414_o

Aaaaafter we went to Moon Bar 61 Stories above Bangkok where I got MY favorite drink… and some really FRESH air. I cannot emphasize how I didn’t realize I was breathing horrible air until I was 61 stories high.

12165262_1072526739432645_1365055753_o12168705_1072526712765981_13682410_o12168381_1072526682765984_1286393259_o12169728_1072526659432653_930890383_o20151014_21361012168823_1072526826099303_540528636_o  That was my wonderful 22nd for ya 🙂


12165055_1072528039432515_193452235_oCoconut ice cream in coconut                                                   Went Back to Lumpini park and paddled 12170015_1072527812765871_680900909_o12165602_1072527572765895_1766653041_o

12165308_1072527786099207_1003004312_ocasual monitor lizard

12168294_1072527742765878_258051981_ohearts @ Lumpini

Cooking Class we made 3 courses 😉 12168216_1072527636099222_1540250301_o12169713_1072527619432557_2060446201_oour desert: coconut milk with banana                                       Went back to Tha Maharaj: 12168365_1072527456099240_745753947_o12168892_1072527439432575_54468821_o12164845_1072527406099245_989334433_o12164809_1072527336099252_2007614188_o  12083788_1072527232765929_1976027627_n                                                                      My casual night with 3 desserts… O.O12165192_1072527356099250_2063538995_o12165268_1072527329432586_1288666224_o     12169960_1072527319432587_1750485720_o

Before12165632_1072527289432590_1852663807_o    After12119742_1072527259432593_692846671_o

12169344_1072527089432610_669780493_o12165372_1072527076099278_1041338270_oIa taught me how to waltz

12168692_1072527229432596_794433859_oEXTENDO DEE!

I’d say I’m getting a full Bangkok experience.

ttyl,                                                                                                                                          Elaine<3

Kanchanaburi/ Erawan Waterfalls Weekend Trip!

Friday 10.9.15:   It’s almost the end of orientation and we’re on our toes. All kind of tired feeling, but also just ready to get out for the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, we had a good last presenter and we were getting out at 2:30p instead of 4p. Still, Friday, end of the “work week” … we all wanted out. Once we were out we were told to meet by 3:15p sharp downstairs all ready to take taxis to the bus station.


*Taxi ride: I was mostly joking, but I told my friend Crystal to stand in the back and to let me call the taxi since we didn’t have the best of luck when she would try (she was great trust me taxi guys are just lazy here). Point is: I get one and he says yes on the first try! *LEVEL UP. The ride was about 45mins long because of traffic… L.A. folks it’s worse here.. =/ Regardless we got a good deal compared to most of the other groups. 12164650_1072528862765766_2041957812_oThis is the craziness you see as a passenger… 12169707_1072528856099100_806409439_o Tall person perks: shot gun.                                                            *We get to the bus station and go to 7/11,… (Remind me to make an ode to 7/11 they’re EVERYWHERE)  get food, and our bus ticket to Kanchanaburi: about North West from Bangkok.


We meet with two more groups and pack a mini van to go to our destination… 2 and a half hours which felt like forever but we made it. I was really tired. 12164968_1072528836099102_1562755789_o12164969_1072528832765769_993368487_o12168399_1072528826099103_318295357_o12169469_1072528796099106_211592250_o

Regardless I had energy to eat and get to know my awesome ETA fam bam more with a fun game of “hot seat.” (Note this weekend really opened doors to closer connections for all of us :)) 12165341_1072528809432438_85286072_o

10.10.15: We eat, walk to the bus station… see a marching band on our way to the bus station, hop on and enjoy another 1 and a half hr drive to Erawan waterfalls. 12169821_1072528789432440_1104060757_o12169448_1072528776099108_153091901_o12168504_1072528722765780_1816286016_o12169369_1072528636099122_844589924_o12169617_1072528619432457_353398946_o12164510_1072528602765792_592703595_o12169756_1072528592765793_668451527_o12168229_1072528576099128_1646610900_o12169968_1072528562765796_747539754_o12168755_1072528552765797_824543780_o12168550_1072528532765799_1392252461_o

After the retro bus trip, we made it and were excited to start our adventure. 12168904_1072528489432470_726379503_o 12168630_1072528452765807_229823413_o 12164856_1072528112765841_1115461290_oAustin, Dee, Jacob, Polly!12170093_1072528446099141_1946787707_o 12164923_1072528436099142_1695507608_o 12168410_1072528426099143_1790652616_o12169808_1072528092765843_19179646_o

12165472_1072528089432510_1870635512_o 12165448_1072528082765844_464462273_o   We saw an opportunity for some good profile pics

12169228_1072528076099178_1481342660_o  12119773_1072528406099145_1025066660_o 12169601_1072528399432479_1004265489_o 12165211_1072528392765813_1970955720_o 12169512_1072528382765814_1272810197_o                            Fish! yes they were swimming with us… but they’re the ones that eat the dead skin off of you O.O

12168817_1072528372765815_1016024779_oYes I look like a dork 🙂  12169294_1072528362765816_549961007_o DEE!12168903_1072528356099150_974705677_o 12119749_1072528066099179_959475421_o12168253_1072528332765819_502116928_o 12165029_1072528309432488_630251122_o 12169236_1072528292765823_817278738_o 12169801_1072528266099159_2022517582_o     12168563_1072528242765828_876875331_olook what’s that?!

12169205_1072528226099163_1582626856_oCrystal! ❤

12169389_1072528222765830_974626073_o 12168280_1072528212765831_1952994233_oEdie & Dee 12167426_1072528129432506_1965256966_nOur little dysfunctional group ❤

12168166_1072528042765848_1699975870_n We even got to slide down some of the falls!

Then it was time to go home and be squished sardines! …I felt bad for the guys standing the whole time.

12168270_1072528196099166_1275812642_o 12168729_1072528179432501_1759286312_o 12164443_1072528169432502_587555235_o

This is where we stayed…literally ON the river.12165368_1072528162765836_267074069_o 12119268_1072528156099170_1336857933_o  12168786_1072528119432507_1029975175_o

This was a great trip and would do it again! VN Guesthouse (place we stayed at) was quite comfortable in terms of service and safety… lack of ac and hostel beds: inevitable for cheap travel.

Till next time,                                                                                                                          Elaine ❤

I’m already singing to Disney Classics

Week 2 in Thailand; What?! What?!

For clarification I am currently in Bangkok enjoying orientation and 21 (soon to be 22) American’s who are fellow ETA’s. We are stationed at the international dorm of Chulalongkorn University. Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm we are learning Thai, possible cross cultural interactions, and how to “manage” a classroom. On October 28th we will be flown to our provinces and introduced to our host teachers who will help us settle in and show us the ropes of our school and location.

So how ya doin’ Elaine?- Now, good. This past week was everywhere and back in my head. I realized that: 7 days was the longest time I’ve spent outside of California, that I needed more down time if I was going to be able to keep up with everyone else, and that I know myself better than I thought, which was comforting. . . I know right, down time in Bangkok?! Well, I took it and it helped. Don’t worry, I have still done and seen new things; no I’m not stuck in my room all day.

So last Friday (10.2.15) I met my predecessor and he clarified a lot of questions in my head, but again he graciously kept a lot for me to “experience myself.” So therefore I shall. That evening, we went to this SUPER touristy place again led by our Thai friend Chatcha! This place was called “Asiatique,” lots of things to eat, shops and it even has a ferris wheel. Like the one in London, or Seattle, or the one they’re considering in San Diego.

12119243_1069321996419786_554897531_o                                                              Asiatique even has a “Juliet Love Garden” where you can attach a lock with names and what not. No I didn’t do it (sorry Gordon didn’t have a lock on me at the time lol)


12112658_1069322159753103_1812274734_o   Happy Faces or starved faces?                       I tried my first coconut shake… It was okay. (still adjusting to coconut) 12124367_1069322196419766_1662188507_o12162359_1069322313086421_1255131955_o12119491_1069322413086411_1111693546_o

Fun-Fact: to get in and out of Asiatique there is a FREE ferry! Where do you ever find a free ferry?! (Note Asian woman yawning who looks like she’s just enthused as Amy)

The following day I took it CHILL. Slept in, read, slept. Saturday was recoup day and it was beautiful.

Sunday: We went to the infamous JJ market. Why infamous? It’s supposably the largest weekend market in South East Asia, with 8,000 different stalls varying from food, clothes, furniture, animals and many more.


Although this wall looks like a menu, it’s actually a wall of thai food magnets.12162399_1069322979753021_390431861_o

Miscellaneous happenings throughout the last week:

Explored “I’m Park” which is next to the dorm we’re staying at.12086737_1069322799753039_482612149_n12124282_1069322776419708_1922228197_o             Saw a ginormous snail.12162760_1069322446419741_350938573_o

Realized that the escalators don’t go until they are stepped on BEWARE! …Turned up on a Tuesday (again) I will go in depth on this one. Pretty much if you go to this club called “Levels” on a Tuesday, every 5 people get in free AND get a free bottle of Vodka with a purchase of 4 “chasers” 1 Sprite= 100 Bhat = 400 Bhat per Vodka Bottle price: $10.00USD per 5 people = $2USD every Tuesday night for a fun time, live performers, and pretty good music


Nap time in between orientation workshops12162891_1069323586419627_1479279580_o

12162437_1069323199752999_1094077568_oOver-enthused about being in orientation.                           Bangkok Art and Cultural Museum, this place spoke to me. Completely amazing!


And finally random acts of kindness: My next door neighbor Ollie (a Thai student who attends Chula) stopped by and gave me and my roommate some snacks from her weekend trip! Out of no where! It was so good and I loved her explanation for it “OMG sweet” What it is: ‘Kao Iharm’ sticky rice with some sweet stuff mixed into it in a bamboo stalk. I can’t wait to find this again. THANK YOU OLLIE!                      12112865_1069323109753008_342727262_o12119684_1069323116419674_1923092913_o

I would also like to note that I am hand washing my clothes. I already miss chocolate. Read The Martian. I had this yummy Mocha Pistachio Cake today.  12124285_1069323629752956_207118934_o

Love ya, Miss ya, or Can’t wait to meet ya,                                                                     Elaine ❤

Hello Thailand!

First of all, sorry. The whole weekly thing didn’t quite happen from my last post but now that I’m settled into my 30 day home, I can finally share my first week’s experiences (in snippets since there’s a lot)

My last week in the states: filled with friends and family…Moving on

9.24.14   2:30am-wake up… go back to bed    2:45 same     3:30.. eh why not just wake up. I got things ready and slightly reflected. Regardless I still felt very tired and nodded off every now and then. 4:30a came along where I got picked up to go to breakfast with my mom and Gordon. I couldn’t eat my chocolate chip pancakes. I felt like I was about to puke.

At San Diego airport: Emotions and feels. Really I kept myself together compared to how much I wanted to explode. “If your goals don’t scare you they’re not big enough” kept floating in my head to calm me down. After going through security I went to the restroom cried and went out as if nothing happened (yes I’m being very real with you all). Found my gate and sat down to open my box from my lovelies: Aly and Idalia 12071702_1066665430018776_425067352_n (1)      At San Francisco Airport: Met 5 of my co- ETA’s (Amy, Polly, Kayla, Danielle & Crystal) Scheduled to leave at 11:25am. That didn’t happen so much.                                       Why? 12pm-2pm: lavatories weren’t working // 2pm: decision to switch planes //          5pm: Board new plane // 5:15pm: crew change // 5:35pm: EMT’s need to come help // 6:00pm: another crew change // 6:40pm Drunk guy gets arrested                                         All I can say is don’t fly with United, even if two of the incidents weren’t their fault

My face throughout the 8 hour delay:


At Japan Airport (Some how 10p of the 25th of September): United airlines fixed up all the connecting flights for people who lost them because of the 8 hour delay. They also had accommodations for us at a nearby hotel with free dinner and breakfast.

12077521_1066665286685457_654314578_n 12083908_1066665353352117_1984125407_n 12092378_1066665220018797_1523282641_n

9.26.15: Arriving to Bangkok-                                                                                              Finally after what seemed like forever we made it to beautiful Thailand.   12083867_1066665240018795_1657733645_n             12059459_1066661196685866_1082730495_o                                     It felt so good to finally arrive. We met our P’s (elders in Thailand) and hopped on a van that would lead us to the other ETA’s we knew nothing about.

12071633_1066665233352129_995110746_n                                                                                                   Yes that is the divers seat on the other side. When looking both way it’s not left right left, it’s right, left, right.

12087509_1066665143352138_1554930953_n     My View                                                         After we got to meet people for a bit and eat dinner, now there were 21 of us!

9/27/15: Tourist                                                                                                                    About 10 of us decided we wanted to go to the temples and get shown around by Daniel’s Thai friend Chatcha. She was great. We went to Siam Center, the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, got a Thai Massage, and this little river front type thing, and finally Khao San Road.  12077520_1066660833352569_1070725666_n   12047571_1066661660019153_1781091998_n   12080859_1066665033352149_1093573902_n     12084089_1066661560019163_1908620398_n12064501_1066660840019235_764433343_n  12077057_1066661566685829_1722065433_n 12077271_1066661593352493_208507851_n  12086814_1066661120019207_832807835_n   12083998_1066661123352540_1306479040_n 12053217_1066661436685842_65995631_n12092484_1066661213352531_104282782_n     12067856_1066661310019188_878779942_n    12080877_1066660870019232_585488701_n  12081367_1066660900019229_271944420_n                        

9/28-10/1: Orientation   So now we have been in rooms and workshops from 9am- 4pm getting to know old ETA’s and what we are about to go into. We go out at night and even “Turned up on a Tuesday,” …Literally.

All week 1 right there… 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else Thailand has up it’s sleeve.

Talk soon,                                                                                                                               Elaine ❤