13 days 8 hours 15 mins… 36, 35, …You get it…

So crunch time is very much here. Only days away from being out of the country for more than a week, since this summer was actually the first time that happened… and I will be technically on my own until I pick up the language and get some good relationships started FOR THE FIRST TIME. **Are you scared? YEaaNo, scared isn’t the right answer more like excited/ not really there yet. I’m a very bright individual; so I like to believe, but things “hitting me” isn’t my strong suit… like 6 months slow… like I didn’t get home sick until my 3rd year of college slow. Given, this is a much wilder experience where I haven’t been to prior, unlike sunny San Diego. **Worst fear?: My ability to grasp the language. It gave me comfort that I was in the same boat as my fellow ETA staff when someone did a census, but it has been a month since and I’m sure that lit a fire under everyone’s butt, but mine. **What are you going to miss the most? Boba! wait they have that… Thai food… nope they have that too… ICE CREAM… okay if you haven’t looked up the way Thailand does ice cream GOOGLE THAT NOW!  So I really won’t miss food… Probably breakfast, like Denny’s pancakes (yes because I like the simple things in life okay). Fine better yet my moms pancakes. mmm, that will be missed. **How’s Packing going? HAha…haaaa well I’ll hire you if you know how to cram a years supply of everything into two 50lb checked bags. In short, a bit better than expected. **Do you think you will come back different? Nope I will be the same and everyone I come back to will be different. Just kidding. Look back to a year ago and see how many life changing events happened to you, even if small and in between, that is my answer… **Are you nervous about the change? If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be human, yes cliche answer…but really it’s like leaving your reality, and that reality keeps going…without you. Sure you live another reality, but YOU missed out on halloween, xmas, parties, celebrations, get-togethers, mothers & fathers day, AND even your own birthday you will not be celebrated by close ones. Strange, strange thing to think about, but I’m altogether so happy I can experience all of the struggle and amazingness Thailand, (country), Sukhothai (province) & Sawan Anan Wittaya (school) have to offer. **Biggest goal for the year: Most people would expect I say something about traveling or to “embrace the culture,” but even if those are goals, the biggest goal is to be the best teacher (Kru: Thai version for teacher) I can be and not only to teach them English, but to be confident young leaders in their community. All in all I received this opportunity because of them and I want to pay it back by giving them all they need by not only teaching them but learning from them as well.

13 days 7 hours 45 mins…

Take Care,

Elaine ❤


2 thoughts on “13 days 8 hours 15 mins… 36, 35, …You get it…

  1. You will do great! Your excitement will bring you far. The teachers here are very nice and will take care of you while you settle into the town and school. The students will also welcome you with open arms! I’ve already told them that a new Fulbright teacher is coming, and they are very excited.

    -Your Predecessor


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